This article will focus on international solutions to protect against ransomware – malware that blocks the computer or personal files of users, demanding a ransom for restoring access.

Ransomware is malicious software that is installed on the victim’s PC to lock or encrypt data. Scammers demand money for decrypting or restoring access to files.

There are 3 types of ransomware programs that differ in the degree of danger:

– With a low threat level. A fake antivirus program reports the detection of malware and demands money for its removal.

– With an average threat level. The browser is blocked or the desktop is blocked with the mention that the user needs to pay a fine because some malicious activity was detected from his PC.

– With a high threat level. Intentional encryption of the user’s personal data with a demand for money for decryption.

So, once the user’s data has been encrypted, you need to find the right tool or service that will help in decryption. As protection measures, you should keep your OS and its software up to date, as well as use an antivirus solution and a firewall on an ongoing basis.